‘No Exceptions’: Albanese Slammed over lack of truth on China’s Australian Navy Incident

‘No exceptions’: Albanese slammed over lack of truth on China’s Australian Navy incident

Sky News host Paul Murray says when it comes to the safety of the people who “defend the country” there are “no exceptions” with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s recent “lies” on China’s flare incident against the Australian Navy.

“Every level, not true, every level includes leader to leader, that did not happen,” Mr Murray said.

“The reporting of Andrew Clennell was the one who confirmed what we already knew, he was not telling the truth yesterday.

“But he thought no one would find out.

“A bit like how they never told us this incident happened on Saturday … if something as serious as this takes place you would expect within seconds of it happening that the officials are told in Canberra and we will give them a day or so, but the public should know virtually straight away as well.”
Credit to : Sky News Australia