Immigration Minister under Pressure; Melbourne Tobacco Store Firebombing

Immigration minister under pressure; Melbourne tobacco store firebombing | 9 News Australia

Another immigration bungle is in the spotlight, heaping pressure on Immigration minister Andrew Giles to stand aside. In other news, in Melbourne there has been another tobacco store targeted in a firebombing attack.

►*Chapters in this video:*
0:00 Minister under pressure
1:02 Melbourne firebombing attack
2:10 Deadly Sydney stabbing
3:04 Defending Australia forum
3:40 Sydney motorcycle crash
3:57 Gold Coast car flip
4:15 Trump trial closing arguments
6:22 Queensland road rage attack
6:53 Sam May recovery
7:10 Sydney E-tag frauds
7:33 Muffin heating fee outrage

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Credit to : 9 News Australia